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Your time in business is precious, save it. Empower staff to work efficiently remotely. Procurement and finance doesn’t have to grind to a halt when staff our not in the office.

Vendor Management Software

You can do a lot with spreadsheets, paper and emails but can you do it efficiently? Manual processes create manual errors, spreadsheets with controlled access create bottlenecks, paper gets lost, emails go unresponded to. Why not use a system designed to improve your processes?

All data and documents are securely stored and backed up automatically. Work from wherever you are and depend on us for security and up-time.

Easily configured to meet the needs of your business. Ensure compliance and oversight while making sure operations run smoothly.

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Custom integration? We’ve got you covered!

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How It Works

Stop wasting your team’s time with cumbersome and wasteful processes that fall over when team members are working remotely.

Place workflow efficiency at the center of your Procure-to-Pay process with a fit for purpose solution that adds value at every step. Save time, effort, and frustration and free your team to use their skill sets and focus on more value added tasks.



Our implementation experts work with your finance team to map to your existing ERP or accounting software. Our experience ensures you can hit the ground running with minimal disruption and frustration.


Request, approve, and manage purchase orders efficiently from anywhere on any device with automation of your purchasing process in the Planergy cloud app – independent of your accounting package or ERP.



Match invoices against POs in Planergy to eliminate incorrect payments from fraud or manual error – all with a full audit trail of every event, tracked together with copies of all relevant documents.



Automatically generate bills in your accounting software or ERP for all authorized invoices. Data and documents are imported but are still editable before final payments are processed and made.

We recently asked our customers what they love most about Planergy, and this is what they had to say

“Purchase Management Workflows For A Modern Business”

Streamline your purchasing requisition and purchase order processes to empower your team to shop for the products and services they need to do their jobs while ensuring spend is kept under control and with preferred suppliers.

Powerful automated approval workflows and simplified requisition creation processes will ensure efficiency.

“Using Planergy has simplified our workflow, eliminated paper, and reduced the amount of email involved in purchasing and invoice processing.”
Jonathan Engel

“Work From Anywhere”

Access the full functionality of your P2P suite from your phone, tablet, or desktop. Approve purchases, review and analyze data, or generate reports whether you're in the office, on the go, or working remotely.

“My favourite feature? Mobile approval of PO’s.”
Jason Barber

“Remove Manual Errors and Centralize information”

Manual time consuming tasks slow down your business and cost you money every day. Errors resulting from those manual tasks will cost you even more.

Automate your workflows to take the pain away from your team, remove manual errors, ensure data is available to the people that need it when they need it, and free your time to grow the business.

“A quick reliable way to control spending and an affordable price. The cloud system offered reliability compared to the old system we had. The automating fields on orders and invoices saves everybody time.”
Carville Switchgear
Mark Tillson

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