Healthcare Purchasing Management & Accounts Payable Automation

Placing medical supply orders, tracking them, and ensuring on-time delivery is of critical importance in the healthcare industry since patients’ health depends on it. On top of that, keeping thorough purchasing records is important to ensure providers are paid in full by insurers and patients alike. Transitioning to an automated procurement solution helps healthcare providers shift away from inefficient, manual processes, and reduce paperwork.

A surprising number of healthcare providers still use a cumbersome combination of Excel, email, and phone to manage purchasing. E-procurement solutions can support healthcare providers in their quest to provide better patient outcomes by improving internal procedures, streamlining order processes, and providing more visibility into company spend.

A Better Way To Purchase & Pay For Healthcare Companies

“Fast Implementation & Easy to Use”

PLANERGY is the easiest Procure-to-Pay software on the market, bar none.

We have been developing and refining it for over a decade to make it powerful and easy.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our customers tell us how good our software is to use.

It does purchasing very well and is an off the shelf, ready to use product.”
Talbot Group
Paul Smith


“Real-Time Spend Visibility”

Know that every cent is accounted for – who spent what and with which vendors.

Automate accountability and get accurate information on what has been spent and what is remaining for every budget. Get the information to make better inform business decisions and be alerted when employees go over budget.

PLANERGY helps us control costs and identify when we are being overcharged for products. It’s a huge help in centralizing our purchasing processes and has enabled our organization to have real data to support purchasing decisions.”
University Orthopedics Center
Laura Spidell

“Easy Order Tracking”

Eliminate paper and never worry about tracking down orders again with everything in one place.

Save you and your team time to focus on more strategic projects. Every order is tracked fully and the details are available in seconds from anywhere at any time with powerful search and reporting.

“Our processes are much better for being able to have a centralized system for purchases from creation through to payment. I really like that it’s all auditable.”
NHS East Berkshire Primary Care Trust
Barry Spiller

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