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Ultimate Spend Management Software

Planergy is a leading Procure-to-Pay platform for mid-market organizations. Our mission is to save you money and increase your profits.

We proudly support customers in every industry, and in businesses with staff distributed across multiple locations such as Healthcare, Hospitality & Leisure, Construction & Facilities Management (FM), Non-Profit, Logistics and freight, Education, Cities, law enforcement.


Internal Need, Universal Problem

Planergy started as an in-house Spend Management system for a large, multi-faceted business with multiple locations that was struggling to cope with it’s own purchasing and accounts payable processes.

The business was using excel and email to manage its purchasing and thought they had business spend under control. Spend was out of control.

The solution needed to be easy to use so all of the staff could use it straight away but flexible enough to enforce varying needs in different parts of the business. There was no commercial solution available that covered the company’s needs and Planergy was born.

Built and then improved over years to stop the profit leaks in the business. Engineers worked hand in hand with the finance team, company leadership, and purchasers.

Speaking to other business leaders we realized that our problems were the same as their problems and they needed a solution too.


Saving Organizations Spend

Founded in 2009, Planergy has continued with the mission of increasing business profit through smarter spending and lower operational costs.

Planergy processes more than $1.6 billion in Customers’ Business Spend every year for over 1,100 mid-market organizations globally.

Planergy saves up to 10% of your organization’s spend by digitizing your Procure-to-Pay (Request – Approve – Receive) and Accounts Payable processes.


Ten Years of Excellence

In 2019, Planergy celebrates ten years of providing an exceptional Procure-to-Pay software solution. What began as a quest to conquer the inefficiencies of the Procure-to-Pay process in one company grew into a global platform focused on solving those same issues for all companies, regardless of size or industry.


Leading the Way

Today, Planergy is worldwide, with offices in Boston, Dublin and Belgrade, and we proudly support satisfied customers all over the world – many of whom have been using our Procure-to-Pay and Accounts Payable software for a decade.

Our mission is to continue to transform Procure-to-Pay with cutting-edge innovative to help companies eliminate waste and build value, so they can focus on greater productivity and a healthier bottom line.

One platform to control and manage 100% of your company’s purchasing & payments

Trusted by the leading finance & operations teams across the world