About Us

PLANERGY is a SaaS-based cloud spend management system that gives businesses of any size more control over their financial operations.

Born in Frustration. Built for Efficiency.

PLANERGY founder Michael Higgins was the founder of a very successful field-force management company that grew to more than 1600 employees.

As that business grew, so did his frustration with the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in their Procure-to-Pay systems. Employees were buying goods and services using outdated systems like triplicate books, excel and email, but these systems were unreliable. His Accounts Payable team was under huge pressure every day to track down details of purchases, deliveries and match them to the vendors’ invoices.

He saw time, talent, and money wasted through manual workflows, mountains of paper, and countless errors.

Not having a Procure-to-Pay system made it all but impossible for his team to easily track, leverage and share data, and this inefficiency was stopping him from maximizing his profit margins and his teams’ productivity.

The Eureka Moment

They created a Procure-to-Pay software solution based on the company’s experience with 1600 staff, which was focused on taking paper and manual workflows out of the equation.

The team soon realized that these problems were truly universal— and in 2009, PLANERGY was born, bringing the power of automated process improvement, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based data management to procurement teams worldwide.

Ten Years of Excellence

In 2019, PLANERGY celebrates ten years of providing an exceptional Procure-to-Pay software solution. What began as one man’s quest to conquer the inefficiencies of the Procure-to-Pay process in his own company grew into a global company focused on solving those same issues for all companies, regardless of size or industry.

Leading the Way

Today, PLANERGY is worldwide, with offices in Boston, Dublin and Belgrade, and we proudly support satisfied customers all over the world – many of whom have been using our Procure-to-Pay and Accounts Payable software for a decade.

Our mission is to continue to transform Procure-to-Pay with cutting-edge innovative to help companies eliminate waste and build value, so they can focus on greater productivity and a healthier bottom line.

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