Vendor & Catalog Management Software

Building strong and strategic vendor relationships just got a lot easier. Planergy’s cloud-based, centralized procurement platform frees you from endless email chains and hit-or-miss phone calls. Manage suppliers and their catalogs in real time. Maximize supply chain visibility and ensure every purchase gives you an optimal return on investment.

Vendor Management Software

Easy vendor onboarding, centralized data management, and support for integration with vendor systems and catalogs increases efficiency, reduces lifecycle times, and cuts costs along with the risk of human error.

Support for E-Invoicing and guided buying simplifies cash flow management, reduces the risk of maverick spend and invoice fraud, and ensures full contract management compliance. Centralized vendor information simplifies reporting, improves functionality and accuracy, and streamlines audits. Full integration with supplier systems and audit trails for discussions on each PO simplifies collaboration to insulate both parties against risk and overcome compliance challenges.

Realize your supply chain’s full potential with advanced analytics and catalog management. Bring all your spend under control and upgrade your strategic sourcing capabilities through comprehensive supplier management for all categories, both direct and indirect. Balance cost avoidance and cost savings to build a stronger bottom line and generate long-term value.

Better communication and collaboration benefits you and your vendors. Ensure supply chain resilience, get better pricing and payment terms, enforce guided buying from your preferred vendors.

Track compliance and performance to refine your supply chain based on your current needs—in real time. Rehabilitate or replace suppliers with unacceptable risk levels. Identify opportunities to negotiate better terms, partner with key suppliers for mutually-beneficial initiatives, and create context-aware contingencies that help protect business continuity.

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A New Standard for Vendor Management Systems

Planergy helps you connect with your vendors to collaborate and communicate like never before. Leverage data-driven insights to optimize category management and increase spend under management. Recruit, review, and onboard new vendors and service providers while maintaining strong vendor relationships with your existing base. Improve vendor compliance management with intuitive and easy-to-use metrics, along with advanced reporting and analysis tools. Integrate with your suppliers’ systems to improve productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness through E-Invoicing, guided buying, PunchOut catalogs, and more.

We recently asked our customers what they love most about Planergy, and this is what they had to say

“The Best Vendor Management Solution”

Capture all spend activity, along with vendor compliance and performance data, for easy analysis. Turn your data into actionable insights for superior sourcing strategies that drive cost savings and help create value at all stages of the value chain.

“A very powerful purchasing software that will record all you vendor contacts and item info.”
Home Reserve
Scott Anspach

“True Guided Buying and Catalog Support”

Ensure every purchase is made from the right vendor, at the right price. Track, analyze, and refine sourcing for every category of spend, and collaborate with suppliers to improve efficiency and savings.

“Clear, precise, user friendly way to make your procurement run more smoothly.”
Alex Midson

“Access Wherever You Are "

Full mobile and desktop support makes it easy to approve purchases, manage and analyze data, communicate with suppliers, and more, no matter your location or device.

“A great way to purchase and manage invoices while on the go. Very easy to use and straight forward.”
Brick Kiln Garden Center
Jason Van Der Wee

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“Full Spend Visibility and Control”

Effective spend management begins with spend visibility. Get the clean, complete data you need for better sourcing decisions, as well as budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and more across all of your vendors.

“With Planergy we have better control of spending and we’ve become far more efficient.”
Best Construct Co
Dorella Labiche

“Better Risk Management and Compliance Management”

Use secure and centralized data management, along with automation and analytics, to create secure, efficient workflows. Protect your supply chain and business from advanced risks by monitoring supplier compliance and performance as well as your internal business processes.

“Planergy has helped us limit the risks associated with bad planning, unapproved purchases, and even fraud. It has enabled us to consolidate many of our purchasing functions on a district and regional level with more consolidation planned in the coming months.”
ThyssenKrupp Elevator

Geoff McCombs

“Best-in-Class Service and Support”

Since 1999, we've dedicated ourselves to providing the very best in customer service and support. Our knowledgeable, friendly team has helped hundreds of clients automate and optimize their procurement processes, and we'd love to help you do the same.

“Extremely user friendly, easy to set up/add users, set limits etc. Reasonably priced. Customer Support is very fast.”
Paula Duncan

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