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Purchase Order Software

Automate your PO Process to gain more control and better visibility for all your spend

Purchase Order Software To Automate Your PO Process And Get Better Spend Visibility

Easy to use and fast to setup PO Software in the cloud. Manage requests, create POs, monitor spending, approve invoices, and reduce paperwork throughout the process. Get greater accuracy, speed, visibility, and control in your purchasing management workflows. Web & mobile optimized functionality to use across multiple locations or from mobile devices. Accounting software and ERP integrations to work with your existing systems.

How can we streamline the purchase order process?

Automate purchase approval workflows, remove manual errors, and add automatic notifications throughout the process

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How can we get real-time information on spend versus budget?

Manage all your purchases in a centralized system with automatically updated budget vs actual spend reports

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How can we get visibility of all purchase orders across our organization?

Use a cloud based purchase order software to manage purchasing across locations and companies

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Automate Your Purchase Order Process

Streamline your purchase order process with flexible, automated purchase order approval workflows. Define purchasing workflows per department and at different financial values for streamlined business processes. Set up approval routing that gives greater accuracy, speed, visibility, and control in your purchase management workflows. Remove manual tasks and make it super-efficient to turn purchase requisitions into purchase order templates while still following and automating correct approval processes.

Spend Visibility For All Purchases

Monitor and control all of your spend in one built for purpose purchasing software. Track all types of purchases. Indirect, direct, capital expenditure. Custom approval workflows to cover every scenario. Manage all kinds of purchase orders. Standard POs, Planned POs, Blanket POs, Contract POs all tracked efficiently. Get the spend management solution you need now.

Trusted by procurement leaders worldwide
For procurement in all industries

"PLANERGY helps us limit the risks associated with bad planning, unapproved purchases, and even fraud. It enables us to consolidate our purchasing functions on a district and regional level."

Geoff McCombs, Regional Supply Chain Manager ThyssenKrupp Elevator

Cloud Based For Mobile Productivity

Access from any device, anywhere. Cloud based access means purchase requests/orders can be created while out of the office, on site, while visiting a client, or while traveling – e-procurement wherever your team needs to be! Operations can proceed seamlessly from anywhere by phone or tablet with our mobile optimized web app. See requests, approve POs, and address queries from wherever you are to get a full view of staff requirements in real time. See the full story at a glance.

Smart Document Storage

Manual data entry is always prone to human error, which can be costly. Data management with PLANERGY helps eliminate human errors and speeds up processing times. Track purchases and all relevant documents from vendor quotes to vendor invoices. All documents are automatically uploaded to the cloud and attached to matching documents, allowing you to find and compare everything at any time, in one place.

Maximize Profitability And Efficiency Maximise Profitability And Efficiency

Drive cost savings and save time with purchasing process efficiencies by ensuring purchases are placed with your preferred suppliers more often. Supplier management, supplier item catalogues, and inventory management all handled centrally. Suspend purchasing from non-performing suppliers with ease. Negotiate discounts, agree to credit terms and turnaround times to fully leverage your company's purchasing power.

Quicker Invoice Processing

With PLANERGY your accounts payable team has visibility of the entire procurement process to see if the vendor invoice matches up. A full audit trail lets you know who ordered, who approved and who received each order. Eliminate the risk of incorrect payments. Every purchase is tracked from order to payment, with all documentation and correspondence attached to the PO record. Everything you need to know about a purchase is available at a glance when invoicing before you process the payment.

Automate Your Purchase Orders Request A Demo?

See how easy it is to transform your purchase order process with a built for purpose purchase order software

Suitable For Any Industry

PLANERGY has customization and flexibility to suit procurement in any industry. Indirect or direct expenditure, goods or service orders, standard POs or blanket POs, long-term contracts, staged delivery orders, or any type of order you handle. Per department and financial value workflows, custom fields can be added throughout the purchasing system for better tracking and understanding of spend. Our customer support team work with companies in every business sector to help address their specific business needs. Let us help you.

Integrate With Your Existing Software

PLANERGY is designed to integrate with any leading accounting software (Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, etc) or ERP (NetSuite, Oracle, etc), OR can be used as a standalone purchase order management software. Streamline Purchase-to-Pay processing without adding to your head count in your accounting software or ERP. Automate data transfers and have authorized invoices available for payment through your existing system.

Powerful Filterable Reports

Powerful spend analysis helps you uncover opportunities to leverage better value from your supply chain. All reports in PLANERGY are fully filterable, allowing you to drill down easily and see the hidden details. Automated reports on committed spend, GRNI, spend vs budget, and customizable reports to allow you to instantly give the right information to the right people at the right time. Say goodbye to pulling together information from various excel documents, paper trails, and email communications. Get the full picture now.

Real-Time Budget Information

Make better purchasing decisions with all the relevant information available when you need it. Accurate real-time budget visibility in our purchase order system lets you know the impact of each approved purchase as you sign it off. All relevant documents, notes, and comments related to each purchase are centralized and at your fingertips from one online location accessible from wherever you are.

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