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Take control of your Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process. Slash risk exposure and spend more strategically while improving efficiency and compliance with cloud-based E-Procurement software from PLANERGY.

Transform Procurement with Total Spend Visibility, Automated Process Improvement, and Clean Integration with Your Existing Software.

Tap into the power of user-friendly, cloud-based E-Procurement software system. Eliminate manual processing and paper waste. Total spend transparency with real-time accuracy. Access in the office or on the road with PLANERGY’s mobile solutions. Intuitive, centralized data management. Leverage the power of automation and AI to gain improved speed, visibility and accuracy across your entire Procure-to-Pay process. Connect with your existing accounting or ERP solution to create a single, centralized software environment.

How can we streamline our purchasing and AP processes?

Intelligent business process automation helps you optimize your entire Procure-to-Pay process.

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How can we get better spend visibility and data access?

A centralized, cloud-based E-Procurement solution ensures you’ll have easy and complete access to your data across platforms and devices.

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How can we prepare our organization to scale?

Cloud-based E-procurement is easy to scale on your schedule and around your needs.

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Streamline Workflows with Digitalization

Take the waste and inefficiency out of Purchase-to-Pay with process automation. Achieve faster processing times for purchase orders and invoices, ensure faster invoice approval with more first-time matches, and strengthen supplier relationships with greater compliance and transparency. Harness the convenience and power of digital transformation to collaborate and communicate more effectively and obtain maximum ROI on every purchase made.

Improve Compliance with Smarter Spending and Reduced Risk

Automation helps eliminate risk exposure due to human error, rogue spend, and fraud. Real-time spend analytics transform your spend data into actionable insights that drive better decision making. Automate and customize all of your approval workflows and enjoy the confidence that comes with comprehensive audit tracking for all processes. Cut costs, achieve greater savings, and ensure total contract compliance in spend management. With PLANERGY, full compliance and accountability in the P2P process is easier to achieve than ever before.

The Solution Procurement Leaders across the Globe Trust
For E-Procurement in every industry

"Our outdated procurement processes meant huge amounts of time wasted at the end of each month. Sorting out issues, and searching for specific documents was a nightmare. PLANERGY's E-Procurement Software solved all of that. My team have hours of their working week to focus on more value added tasks."

Stephen Fennessy, Procurement Manager Pulse Logistics

Reliable, Cloud-Based Data Access and Management

Capture, access, and manage all your spend data in one convenient place—the cloud—with PLANERGY's centralized, user-friendly E-Procurement Software solutions. Maximize your productivity on the go with mobile-friendly requisition and approval workflows. Connect and optimize all your processes with centralized data storage and access. Your data and documents are available whenever, and wherever, you need them, on any platform and device.

Easy, Intuitive User Adoption

Achieve complete digital transformation more quickly, and with less frustration, with the world’s easiest-to-implement E-Procurement solution. Our best-in-class user experience ensures swift, enthusiastic, and complete user adoption. Responsive support, intuitive data management dashboards, and user-friendly templates remove roadblocks to successful adoption and help your team hit the ground running.

Seamless Integration With Your Current Software

Support for smooth and speedy integration with all major ERP and accounting solutions makes it easy to get started. Plus, our versatile API, support for customized processes and scheduled data management tasks are baked in from day one. Cut costs, reduce risk, and take your procurement and AP processes to new heights of productivity without costly delays or sacrificing your existing framework.

Scaling Made Easy in the Cloud

Our scalable software as a service (SaaS) solution helps your business grow safely and on your schedule. Your data and privacy are protected by industry-leading technology and a team dedicated to your security and success. The result is lower total cost of ownership (TCO), a smaller IT footprint, and more freedom to grow at a pace that fits your unique business needs.

Superior E-Procurement Solutions

Discover the versatility, convenience, and power of purpose-built E-Procurement software from PLANERGY.

Complete E-Procurement for Every Industry

No matter your industry, sector, or size, PLANERGY’s implementation and support team can help you achieve an easy, comprehensive implementation. With a proven history of excellence, commitment to exceptional customer service, and extensive implementation experience across industries, we’re ready to help your company build and implement an E-Procurement system designed to meet your unique goals and needs. Your success is our mission.

Powerful Spend Analysis—in Real Time

Turn big data into big savings and growth with actionable insights provided by next-gen spend analytics. Use customizable data dashboards, process automation, and data filtering to generate business intelligence reports and financial forecasts. Apply invoicing and supply chain insights to drive continuous improvement across procurement and finance and optimize your strategic sourcing initiatives.

Better Guided Buying

Give your procurement team a shopping experience that automatically connects them with the right goods and services from preferred vendors for maximum savings, accurate category management, and audit-friendly transaction monitoring. Ensure purchase requisitions are routed to the correct approvers automatically, with contingencies and reminders that circumvent costly delays and roadblocks.

Inventory and Supplier Management

Full spend transparency and easy communication combine to support stronger supplier relationships. Track and improve vendor compliance with automated supplier approval workflows and contract management. Use crucial KPIs to monitor vendor compliance and performance and streamline your supply chain accordingly. Connect the optional inventory management module to monitor and adjust inventory levels and add support for automated low-stock alerts.

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