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The Perfect Automated PO Solution Controlling and Optimizing Your Spend

Effective, Automated, Cloud-Based PO Management for Small Businesses

Say goodbye to paper and hello to the cloud with our easy-to-use, intuitive PO system for small businesses. Take control of your entire purchase order process—from purchase requisitions to approval workflows to invoicing and inventory control—with PLANERGY. Optimized for the web and mobile-friendly our all-in-one, centralized purchase order solution enhances the accuracy, speed, and visibility of your spend while building continuous improvement directly into all your purchasing processes. All while connecting to your existing account or ERP system.

How can we ensure our purchase order process is streamlined?

Automation makes it easy to remove the waste and errors from your PO processes

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How can we see real-time spend versus budget data?

A centralized system gives you the latest budget and spend data to make smarter, more strategic decisions

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How can we quickly see all purchase orders across our organization?

A cloud-based purchasing system makes it easy to see, track, and leverage all your purchasing spend across locations

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Automation Makes Small Business Purchase Order Management Easy

Leave manual tasks and time-consuming tail-chasing behind for good. Define your workflows by department, function, or financial value. Connect them effortlessly to create a flexible, fully automated procure-to-pay (P2P) process. Machine learning helps you build and streamline approval routing workflows with improved speed, accuracy, and control.

See and Control Every Dollar Spent

PLANERGY offers purpose-built purchasing software ideal for small businesses. Track direct spend, indirect spend, capital expenditure, and more. Create custom approval workflows with contingencies designed to help you expect the unexpected. Create, manage, and track standard POs, blanket POs, Contract POs, and more. Gain real-time insight into your cash flow for smart, strategic spending that’ll cover your needs while leaving you plenty of room for growth and innovation.

Trusted by small businesses worldwide
For procurement in all industries

"PLANERGY has helped us to limit the risks associated with bad planning, unapproved purchases, and even fraud. It is easy to use and enables us to consolidate our purchasing functions on a district and regional level."

Geoff McCombs, Regional Supply Chain Manager ThyssenKrupp Elevator

Cut Through the Chaos with Powerful Report Filtering

It’s not always easy to spot the savings and value opportunities hidden in your supply chain and spend. With PLANERGY’s fully filterable report generator, you can “slice and dice” on demand for easy access to the hidden insights that power more effective decision making. Cash flow, GRNI, spend vs budget, committed spend…no matter what information you need, it’s easy to automatically generate and distribute essential information to the people who need it—when they need it most. Stop sifting for savings through a mountain of paper and put your data to work for the growth and success of your business.

Mobile-Friendly Productivity for the Small Business on the Grow

A centralized and cloud-based purchase order management system lets you or your team create, access, review, modify, and approve purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and even invoices from your smartphone as easily as your workstation. It’s E-Procurement that travels with you—and grows to meet your business needs. Our user-friendly, mobile-optimized web app makes it easy for you to see and manage your entire purchasing process wherever you are.

Bigger Profits. Less Waste. Higher Productivity.

Empower your team and ensure every purchase is made with your preferred vendors for optimal savings and value. Take control of vendor management, supplier relationship management, and inventory from a single centralized source. Track vendor performance and compliance to secure a stronger negotiating stance, trim redundancies from your supply chain, and bargain for the very best credit terms, timetables, and strategic opportunities.

Fast, Secure, and Accurate Invoice Processing

Whether you’re a single owner/operator or have a crack team of experts on staff, PLANERGY gives you the accounts payable tools you need to tackle invoice management effectively. Instantly know the status of any order, with a full audit trail for more accurate and convenient reporting, forecasting, and, yes, auditing. Automatically capture and store all transactional data and relevant documentation. Get the whole picture in real time, before you cut a check.

Accelerate Your Productivity and Profits with Automated Purchase Order Management

Discover how a purpose-built PO system for small businesses can transform your purchase order process into a lean, mean savings machine

Finally, Smart PO Management for Every Small Business

Customizable and versatile, PLANERGY can build the perfect procurement solution for any business, of any size, in any industry. Orders for goods and services; POs of all types; indirect and direct spend; contracts. No matter how you handle the business of doing business, PLANERGY has you covered. Tap into powerful customization options for granular, detailed views as you track and manage spend. Our talented team has extensive experience with small businesses in every market, industry, and vertical. Let us put our expertise to work for your success.

Connect Your Whole Software Environment

Scalable and flexible, PLANERGY integrates seamlessly with all of today’s leading ERP and accounting solutions. Or, if you prefer, it can be used as a fully-functional, standalone purchase order management solution. Either way, it’s easy to streamline your P2P process while keeping headcount low and wasted time, money, and effort to a minimum. Get big-business features on a small business budget with automated data transfers and E-Invoicing that integrates with your accounting software on day one.

Digital Document Storage

Small business owners wear a lot of hats. Having to deal with paper-based, manual data entry, with its tendency toward error and cumbersome resource requirements, is a pain most SMB pros could happily live without. PLANERGY gives you the power to leave paper behind, along with human error, while enhancing the speed and efficiency of all your document processing. See, track, access, and store everything related to your business, from the initial quote to the final supplier invoice. All accessible from the cloud.

Better Budgets for Smarter Spend

Decisions made with incomplete data put your small business at risk. Gather and access all the relevant data and details you need for optimal decision making with real-time budget tracking. Review and analyze budget documents, notes, emails, comments, faxes, and even instant messages connected to every purchase from a single, centralized location, in the office or on the go.

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