Inventory Management Software

For optimal procurement performance, both large and small businesses need intuitive and comprehensive inventory integration. Planergy incorporates inventory management software as part of a complete procurement solution. Monitor and manage incoming and outgoing inventory in real time. Use advanced analytics and automation to achieve agile, just-in-time workflows and automatic replenishment for critical items. Integrate inventory with guided buying to save money and boost efficiency.

Vendor Management Software

Get full visibility into what you have, what you need, and what needs to go—in real time—with Planergy’s intuitive inventory tracking and management solution. Get seamless integration with your procurement and accounting software for flexible, agile purchasing, forecasting, reporting— along with more strategic sourcing.

Automate document population to eliminate the need for manual data entry on purchase requests, purchase orders, invoices, and more. Full integration with guided buying in the Planergy Purchase module lets you order from inventory first to reduce excess stock and save time and money.

Meet your business needs while maintaining lean inventory levels, whether you’re a manufacturer, retailer, distributor, or wholesaler. Gain full inventory visibility; track and update inventory across all your locations using specific criteria, including  serial numbers, expiration dates, pricing, and more. Perform cycle counts, transfer inventory, fill work orders, and place reorders.  Set, monitor, and adjust automatic reorder points to help prevent redundant orders and stock outs.

With full spend visibility and powerful business intelligence tools, Planergy helps you calculate and control your actual costs. Monitor a range of metrics, including first-in, first out (FIFO), last-in, first-out (LIFO), and more to make truly informed spending and sourcing decisions. Harvest actionable insights that let you capture opportunities for growth and innovation while guarding against business disruptors to improve supply chain management.

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#1 Inventory Management Software Integrated With Purchasing

Growing businesses need an inventory solution that can adapt to meet their unique business needs. Planergy gives business owners the functionality of comprehensive inventory control software as a core component of a complete procurement solution.

We recently asked our customers what they love most about Planergy, and this is what they had to say

“Integrated Inventory and Purchasing”

Collect, organize, and analyze inventory data in real time as part of your overall spend management and procurement strategies.

Use cloud-based, mobile-friendly reporting and forecasting tools to sync your inventory management with your purchasing workflows for faster lead times, lower costs, and better decision making and strategic planning.

“We need a unit/local Level PO system to help us manage stock ordering/verification, and it is very easy to use and operate.”
Richard Li

“Optimize Inventory To Avoid Waste”

Eliminate overspending and duplicate purchases. With Planergy’s inventory management, your team knows exactly what you’ve already purchased. Employees can place orders for goods you’ve got in your storage closet, and you can drive cost savings without lifting a finger.

“We have way better control over our inventory. With the simplicity of Planergy and the reports they provide with their system, we have been able to easily identify supplies that are being overused (or discarded) in excess and tackle it before it becomes a problem. Needless to say, Planergy is the only inventory and ordering system we will ever use. I am just astonished at how much a good inventory system can do!”
Green Orthodontics
Keya Somera

“Custom Solutions that Meet Your Business Needs”

Planergy's scalable, intuitive, and versatile tools make it the perfect P2P solution for companies of all sizes and types.

Working with our team, distributors, manufacturers, small businesses, startups, and established businesses can create a purpose-built business solution that scales to meet their budget and needs, from AP automation to order fulfillment to multichannel inventory management and much, much more.

“Our experience is extremely positive. It works well with SAP and our other systems. We can easily set limits and control spending and also report and review expenditure by company, by division, by department. Even though our company has grown the Planergy system is working well for us.”
Paula Duncan

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“Real-Time Visibility”

Your team has full visibility into company inventory at the exact moment they need it – when they place an order. This kind of visibility enables you to reduce redundant spending, minimize excess stock, and avoid stock outs.

Low stock alerts ensure reordering occurs at the right time to manage inventory properly.

“Easy to use, versatile, and gives us great visibility of where our spend goes.”
Automation Group
Ron Gouveia

“Vendor Catalog Management”

Catalog popular items for faster, more convenient purchases with our vendor catalog management solution. Schedule a live demo to learn more about how we can help your team save money through better catalog management.

“A very powerful purchasing software that will record all your inventory, vendor contacts, and item info.”
Home Reserve
Scott Anspach

“Service and Support That's Second to None”

For more than a decade, we've worked hard to provide the very best customer service and support to our clients.

Thousands of companies have relied on our friendly and talented team to help them streamline and optimize their inventory management, supply chains, and procurement processes. What can we do for you?

“Very good package for the end user and great support.”
Red Kite Learning Trust
Sharon Bentley

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