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Planergy is cloud software that boosts efficiency and accuracy in your accounts payable workflows. Automate 2- or 3-way matching to verify and pay invoices accurately and on time. Transform AP into a value center for your organization with lower cycle times and fewer exceptions.

Digitize your AP process for infinitely faster reconciliation than manual systems. Report, analyze, and reconcile seamlessly across all entities, subsidiaries, departments, budgets, in real-time for instant consolidated spend visibility. Integrate detailed transaction and reconciliation reports with your ERP and Accounting Software.
Reduce the hours of manual processing and eliminate data entry errors. Intelligent, automated, Invoice approval routing. Greater efficiency with Straight-through Processing and management by exception.
Capture early payment discounts and avoid late payment penalties. Automate your workflow and right-size your AP department. Every dollar saved goes straight to your bottom line.
Instant visibility of all spend. Replace Excel, Vlookups, and Pivot Tables with error-free automated reporting. Dashboard and Alerts on Accruals, Creditor Days, Top Spend Categories, Performance Metrics, Early Payment and Late Payment Alerts.
3 out of 5 US corporations have been the victim of invoice fraud. Prevent fraud by matching vendor invoices by PO number, vendor detail, and invoice values. Reduce risk and enforce compliance with PO and vendor invoice approval workflows. Automated alerts for invoice duplication, spend patterns, and credit terms.

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Planergy’s AP Automation Software Solution uses robotic process automation and AI to automate invoice verification and authorization. By connecting payable processes to data from procurement you reap the full benefits of automating your AP processes, stop fraud and erroneous payments, and drive savings and value across your organization.

Authorized invoices are imported into your accounts software or ERP,
ready to be processed in your next payment run.



Our implementation experts work with your finance team to map to your existing ERP or accounting software. Our experience ensures you can hit the ground running with minimal disruption and frustration.


Incoming supplier invoices are received at a dedicated email address, scanned, and processed automatically. Invoices are processed using AI and OCR with every document digitally archived automatically.


Match invoices against POs in Planergy to eliminate incorrect payments from fraud or manual error – all with a full audit trail of every event, tracked together with copies of all relevant documents.



Automatically generate bills in your accounting software or ERP for all authorized invoices. Data and documents are imported but are still editable before final payments are processed and made.

We recently asked our customers what they love most about Planergy, and this is what they had to say

“Fast Implementation & Easy to Use”

Planergy is the easiest AP Automation software on the market, bar none.

We have been developing and refining it for over a decade to make it powerful and easy.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our customers tell us how good our software is to use.

“A system you can use straightaway.”
Richard Li

“Seamless Synchronization”

Planergy synchronizes data with all major ERP and accounting system.

It’s built from the ground up for integration.

We can create custom integrations for bespoke solutions and complex legacy systems.

Ask us about it!

Helped us to incorporate spend management controls and AP automation with our accounting software.
Michel Van Der Staak

“You Save a “Ton of Time!”

From CFOs to Data Processors, all our users tell us they save a “Ton of Time” with Planergy.

Automating approvals, eliminating errors, manual checks, delays and paper trails, Planergy delivers significant efficiencies for our customers.

“Clever, user-friendly and
extremely quick.”
Cawood Scientific
David Harding

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“First-Class Support”

We’re super-proud of the reputation our Service & Support team has built over the past 10 years.

Our team is constantly praised for being ultra-responsive, extremely knowledgeable, helpful & friendly.

That’s why our customers are with us for years.

Great training aids and support.
The MSS Group
Angela Rose

“Powerful Analysis Tools”

Analyzing your spend data, create accrual reports, end of month reports and so much more is easy with our powerful analysis tools.

Generate reports and forecasts that provide really actionable insights for cash flow and AP management.

Excellent! Very useful reports for our AP team.
Angela Kennedy

“Touchless Invoice Processing with Artificial Intelligence”

Eliminate painful manual data entry, duplicate payments, and lost paper invoices.

Planergy scans your vendor invoices automatically with OCR, AI, and Machine Learning, to capture invoice data easily.

Documents are stored digitally for real-time search and analysis on demand.

“It has helped eliminate paper”
Discover Life Church
Eric Austin

“PO Matching Is a Life Saver”

Streamline AP and accelerate your financial close by up to 30%.

Save up to 80% of your AP Processing time with our automated 2-way and 3-way matching.

Match invoices against purchase orders and delivery notes. Ensure only correct payments are processed.

Eliminate financial and compliance risk, stop errors occurring, and catch fraud before you make a payment.

“Planergy has streamlined our process so the amount of time everyone is spending approving or referring to POs has been drastically cut.”
British Car Auctions
Russell Balogh

“Very Powerful Search Feature”

We’ve developed an extremely advanced, fast, deep search and reporting functionality that’s incredibly easy to use.

Our users tell us that our powerful search is one of their favorite Planergy feature. Enabling them to quickly get to the information that they need to make better informed decisions.

Records are now much more easy to find.
Phoenix Labs
Paul Smith

“Access From Anywhere”

Planergy is optimized to work on your schedule. With all of our functionality available on your phone, tablet, or at your desk.

Request, Approve, Receive, Review data from wherever you are, on any device.

My favourite feature? Mobile approval of PO’s.
James Barber

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