Procurement Solutions To Help Your Business

Help make purchasing as efficient as possible and easy for your team. Planergy’s best in class procurement solutions ensure that you maintain control over company spending, maximize profitability, gain spend visibility, and pay the best price for goods or services. If you ask us, it’s a no-brainer.

Procure-to-Pay Software

Easy to use and simple to roll out Procure-to-Pay Software in the cloud. Manage requisitions, automate approval flows for POs, monitor spend, approve invoices, and reduce paperwork throughout the process.

Get greater accuracy, speed, visibility, and control throughout Procure-to-Pay workflows and integrate with your existing ERP or accounting software. Web & mobile optimized system to use across multiple locations or from mobile devices.

Purchase Order Software
Purchase Order Software

Purchase Order Software

Easy to use PO Software in the cloud to manage requests, create POs, track spending, approve invoices quickly, and reduce paperwork throughout the process. Get greater accuracy, speed, visibility, and control in your purchasing management workflows.

E-Procurement Software

Cloud-based and user-friendly E-Procurement Software makes it easy to manage your entire procure-to-pay (P2P) process and track spending while breaking free from the waste and frustration of paper-based procurement.

Purchasing Software

Automating your purchasing process is the first step towards greater efficiency. With our simple-to-use purchasing software, you will eliminate bottlenecks, drastically reduce paperwork, and accomplish purchasing tasks on the go. Accelerate purchasing within your organization and free up your staff for more value-added tasks.

Inventory Management Software

PO System For Small Business

Planergy’s user-friendly PO System for Small Business and SMEs is the best way to bring the benefits of cloud-based PO management to your business. Create and manage purchase requests and POs, track spending, and streamline your PO and Invoice processing while eliminating wasted time, resources, and labor when you digitize your PO process.

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Spend Analysis Software

How often are you asked to create a budget report? With live budget forecasts, your team has the reports they need at their fingertips. Create detailed spend analysis reports in seconds. Having one single view of company spending helps you monitor performance against your spending goals.

Purchase Requisition Software

Our purchase requisition software makes ordering a snap. Authorized employees order pre-approved supplies from preferred vendors within a set budget framework. Creating purchase requests is fast and easy. And with all the information you need in front of you, purchase approval is just as fast.

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