Logistics & Transportation Procurement & Accounts Payable Management

Managing spend across multiple sites and depots can be extremely challenging. Lack of spend visibility, chasing down a paper trail at month end. PLANERGY helps logistics and transportation companies achieve spend transparency, control, and accountability.

A Better Way To Purchase & Pay For Logistics & Transportation Companies

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“Real-Time Spend Visibility”

now that every cent is accounted for – who spent it and with which vendors. Automate accountability and get accurate budget vs actual spend reports to better inform business decisions and be alerted when employees go over budget.

“We saved more than $1 million on our spend in the first year and just
recently identified an opportunity to save about $10,000 every month on
recurring expenses with PLANERGY”
King Ocean
Cristian Maradiaga

“Easy Order Tracking”

Eliminate paper and never worry about tracking down orders again with everything in one place.

Save you and your team time to focus on more strategic projects. Every order is tracked fully and the details are available in seconds from anywhere at any time with powerful search and reporting.

“An outdated purchasing process left me with an office full of paperwork and a floor piled with folders. I spent a huge amount of time at the end of each month trying to sort out issues, and searching for specific documents was a nightmare. PLANERGY’s procurement management software solved all of that. It saves me hours of work each week.”
Pulse Logistics
Stephen Fennessy

“Automate & Simplify Approvals”

Approve purchases from anywhere with a tap – save your team time and your company money. Eliminate the manual work, reduce maverick spend, and get better insights into your spending.

Improve speed and efficiency by up to 90%, remove opportunities for error or fraud, and reduce time-wasting manual tasks.

“We were using a manual system and it was extremely time consuming and inefficient. Now we can log in any location from different sites of our business and request, approve, and report.”
Paula Duncan

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King Ocean saves $1M across its 31 offices in first year of using PLANERGY Procure-to-Pay software

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Reducing supply costs by replacing Excel and manual processes at a logistics and supply chain management company

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