How can PLANERGY help you grow your business and be successful

Spend confidently and save money with the most flexible and convenient purchasing software on the market.
Our SaaS-based spend management system gives businesses more control over their financial operations. Founded in 2009, the software automates purchasing and accounts payable for customers across the globe.

Automate & Simplify Approvals

Approve purchases from anywhere with a tap – save your team time and your company money. Eliminate the manual work, reduce maverick spend, and get better insights into your spending.

Improve speed and efficiency by up to 90%, remove opportunities for error or fraud, and reduce time-wasting manual tasks.

$ $ $ $

Real-Time Spend Visibility

Know that every cent is accounted for – who spent it and with which vendors. Automate accountability and get accurate budget vs actual spend reports to better inform business decisions and be alerted when employees go over budget.

Easy Order Tracking

Eliminate paper and never worry about tracking down orders again with everything in one place. Save you and your team time to focus on more strategic projects. Every order is tracked fully and the details are available in seconds from anywhere at any time with powerful search and reporting.

Deploy Best Practices

Automate compliance with best practices and internal processes. Easily configured to meet the needs of your business. Ensure compliance, oversight, and segregation of duties while making sure operations run smoothly.

Secure Cloud App

All data and documents are securely stored and backed up automatically. Work from wherever you are and depend on us for security and up-time.

Powerful Spend Analysis

Spend analysis provides visibility into an organization's procurement activities and expenditures, it allows the organization to identify areas for cost reduction and process improvement. This, in turn results in a lower overall cost to procure goods and services.

Guided Buying

Empower staff to buy what they need using our quick to deploy and easy to use app. Guide them to spend with suppliers with the best prices and terms, catch incorrect spend before it is committed to increase savings and avoid unwanted spend using automation and advanced data management tools.

Mitigate Risk

Centralize procurement and AP management to catch fraud, reduce errors, and improve management supplier relationships. Reduce financial, compliance, and supply chain risk in your Procure-to-Pay process.

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Optimize Cash Flow

Capture early payment discounts, avoid late payment fees, get better visibility of committed spend. With faster invoice processing and automated accounts payable, better leverage early payment discounts, maximize days payable outstanding, and thereby optimize cash flow. Free up AP's time to focus on managing payables and optimizing working capital.

Improve Supplier Relationships

Clearer and better communication with suppliers throughout the Procure-to-Pay process avoids confusion, keeps your supply chain working optimally and your key suppliers happy.

Cost Savings and Avoidance

Guide staff through automation and advanced data management to spend with suppliers with the best prices and terms, catch incorrect spend before it is committed to increase savings and avoid unwanted spend.

Built For Scale

PLANERGY work with established and growing businesses to optimize operations and finance. As a cloud software it can easily scale with you with no additional IT resource commitments.

First Class Support and Implementation

Our service & support is second to none, personal, knowledgeable and rapid. Our support team have extensive experience working with all leading ERPs and accounting software and all accounts feature unlimited support. In summary – we’re here for you!

Better Inventory Management

Avoid stock outs, reduce excess stock, and better manage your warehouse. With real-time visibility into inventory availability and reduce redundant and wasteful spend.

Centralize Documentation & Storage

Go paperless and use PLANERGY as your purchasing hub. Use powerful search functionality to find exactly what you are looking for in seconds. Bin the folders, take back your time, and digitally backup invoices and supporting documents automatically.

One platform to control and manage 100% of your company’s purchasing & payments

Trusted by the leading finance & operations teams across the world