Non-Profit eProcurement & AP Automation

Big ambitions and small budgets are the name of the game in the non-profit sector. Non-Profits simply can’t afford to have chaotic purchasing processes. Slow processes drive costs up and shift the focus away from key priorities.

Spend management solutions support non-profits by giving them more visibility into where their money is going, which ultimately helps them save their limited resources. With better reporting, vendor management capabilities, and order tracking, nonprofits can budget more effectively, curb overspending, achieve greater compliance, and eliminate waste. Automating financial processes helps non-profits become more sustainable in the long run.

A Better Way To Purchase & Pay For Non-Profit Companies

“Fast Implementation & Easy to Use”

Planergy is the easiest AP Automation software on the market, bar none.

We have been developing and refining it for over a decade to make it powerful and easy.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our customers tell us how good our software is to use.

“It is easy to use and it has meant that all of our budgets can be in one place. A one size fits all system.”
RSPCA Leicester
Jade Burton

“Seamless Synchronization”

Planergy synchronizes data with all major ERP and accounting software.

It’s built from the ground up for integration.

We can create custom integrations for bespoke solutions and complex legacy systems.

Ask us about it!

“I would recommend Planergy because it can be customized to work with whatever historic procuring process you have. Planergy will result in a step change in both efficiency and compliance.”
Chwarae Teg
Morgan Hart

“You Save a “Ton of Time!”

From CFOs to Data Processors, all our users tell us they save a “Ton of Time” with Planergy.

Automating approvals, eliminating errors, manual checks, delays and paper trails, Planergy delivers significant efficiencies for our customers.

“It’s made our approval process quicker and less cumbersome, and it’s taken away people’s excuses for not following policies and procedures.”
Boy Scouts of America
Brian Hall

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Boy Scouts of America approves POs faster, freeing up time for more valuable work

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Charitable organization automates cumbersome paper-based purchasing processes

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Salvation Army - Edmonton Centre of Hope Gains Control of Spend With Planergy

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