Procure-to-Pay Software

Spend smarter, reduce risks, increase compliance, and improve process efficiency. Automate your Procure-to-Pay process from beginning to end, maximizing the value of your spend, cutting manual tasks by up to 50%, speeding up approvals, and tracking vendor performance with Planergy’s cloud software.

Vendor Management Software

Avoid risks related to fraud, manual error, and maverick spend. Powerful spend analytics based on real-time data give you the information you need to make informed decisions. Fully customizable automated approval workflows with full audit trail tracking of every action. Enforce contract compliance and realize savings. Accountability and compliance in Procure-to-Pay has never been easier.

With Planergy’s centralized, cloud based Procure-to-Pay software solutions you capture all your spend data in one place. Power your mobile productivity with mobile requisitioning and approval. Contract management, spend management, procurement process, supplier management, and invoicing data centralized. With cloud accessibility for the full P2P process all the data and documents are available wherever you are on any device.

Business process automation removes manual steps and roadblocks in the Purchase-to-Pay process reducing operational costs by up to 50% and cost savings of up to 70% per order.

Reduce Purchase Order Cycle Time and Invoice Processing Time, increase first time match rates for invoices for faster invoice approval, and improve supplier relationships. Improve collaboration and communication through the lifecycle of each purchase all while achieving digital transformation.

The easiest to use web procurement system available. Give your team the E-Procurement user experience that will ensure high user adoption and swift roll out. Intuitive user-friendly dashboards and forms combined with responsive support when you need it means there are no slowdowns as new users are picking it up.

Give your accounts payable team visibility of the entire procurement process to see if the vendor invoice matches a corresponding PO with our accounts payable workflow software. You’ll know who ordered, who approved and who received each order, eliminating the risk of incorrect payments. Modernizing this process empowers your team to control costs, capture discounts for early payments, and reduce errors.

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A Truly Complete Procure-to-Pay Solution

Take control of purchase order and invoice management. Build strong, collaborative relationships with your suppliers while leveraging data-driven insights to secure the best possible terms and pricing. Center procurement and accounts payable as value generators for your entire organization through process improvements, cost savings, strategic analytical insights, and better business decisions.

Whatever your needs and goals, Planergy is the ideal choice for any company looking to optimize their Procure-to-Pay process and embrace the potential and power of digital transformation.



Our implementation experts work with your finance team to map to your existing ERP or accounting software. Our experience ensures you can hit the ground running with minimal disruption and frustration.


Request, approve, and manage purchase orders efficiently from anywhere on any device with automation of your purchasing process in the Planergy cloud app – independent of your accounting package or ERP.



Match invoices against POs in Planergy to eliminate incorrect payments from fraud or manual error – all with a full audit trail of every event, tracked together with copies of all relevant documents.



Automatically generate invoices ready for payment processing in your accounting software or ERP for all authorized invoices. Data and documents are imported but are still editable before final payments are processed and made.

We recently asked our customers what they love most about Planergy, and this is what they had to say

“Smart and Intuitive Guided Buying”

Connect your buyers to the right vendors for every item, at the right price and terms.

Capture all transaction data, secure contract savings, and ensure purchase requests are automatically routed to the appropriate approvers.

“Planergy gives us what we need. it was the most user friendly software which our users would understand and use. it has a fantastic history of data.”
Kingston Landscape Group
Hazel Roulston

“Analyze Spend in Real Time”

Easy to use, customizable dashboards make it easy to create business intelligence reports and forecasts on demand.

Use spend analytics to find the actionable insights that drive value and savings through supply chain optimization and process improvements across finance and procurement.

“An excellent easy to use procurement package. I use the historical data a lot to analyze demand.”
Cawood Scientific
Paul Taylor

“It Really Streamlines the Purchase-to-Pay Process”

Planergy is designed to minimize bottlenecks and blockages in your processes, allowing you to process purchase orders, invoices, and approvals up to 2.5 times faster.

You’ll benefit from improved performance, lower processing times, higher accuracy, and more effective communication with vendors at every stage of the procurement process.

“It is very nice to have a solution that everyone can log on to and submit their own PO’s. It also has excellent file retention capabilities. It has streamlined everything Purchase Order and Invoice.”
Boy Scouts of America
Andrew Hoose

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“Mobile-Friendly Convenience”

Access the full functionality of your P2P suite from your phone, tablet, or desktop.

Approve purchases, review and analyze data, or generate reports whether you're in the office, on the go, or working remotely.

“Our purchase order control center. Really user friendly and easy to navigate. Great reporting facility available.”
Kath Golding

“The Solution Has Grown With Us”

As a cloud-based SaaS system, Planergy is fully scalable, so as your business develops and your requirements change it’s easy to add additional capacity or functionality.

With enterprise-grade security, high performance, and exceptional availability as standard, there’s minimal impact on your internal IT function, and costs are kept low.

“Our experience is extremely positive. Even though our company has grown the Planergy system continues to work well for us.”
Paula Duncan

“Save Up To 15% On Your Spend”

Consolidate spending and realize savings of up to 15% on your business spend.

We guarantee 2% savings across all your purchasing for your first year and most companies tell us they saved much more.

“We saved more than $1 million on our spend in the first year and just recently identified an opportunity to save about $10,000 every month on recurring expenses.”
King Ocean
Cristian Maradiaga

“Fast & Accurate Invoice Processing”

Streamline accounts payable by going paperless. Automate scanning and processing invoices with the power AI and OCR. Match invoices against PO and delivery for 2- or 3-way matching so you are only paying for verified purchases.

“From the end user requesting to buy something, through the approval, receiving the items, to invoice reconciliation, it has roles for everyone involved and makes the workflow electronic and easier all-the-way around.”
Jonathan Engel

“Intelligent Integration”

Connect effortlessly to your existing ERP or accounting software with our out-of-the-box integrations, or use Planergy's API to connect to your own systems. Whether you're using a complex proprietary system or relying on a mainstream solution, you'll be ready to hit the ground running.

“Very useful for us to bridge the gap to ERP procure to pay solution. Easy to use and configure.”
Maynooth University
Mark Martin

“Enforce Compliance & Control in Procure-to-Pay”

Make accountability and compliance an integral part of your workflows. Guided buying, total spend transparency and full audit tracking help you eliminate rogue spend, invoice fraud, and errors, saving you money and building value through greater efficiency.

“I would recommend Planergy because it can be customized to work with whatever historic procuring process you have. Planergy will result in a step change in both efficiency and compliance.”
Chwarae Teg
Morgan Hart

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