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Cloud-based workflow automation software is designed to give your organization an advantage over the competition by digitizing, streamlining, and automating processes that enable agility, efficiency, security, and transparency within your business operations, from procurement to accounts payable to delivery.

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Roughly 300 work hours per year per staff member are lost due to time-consuming, manual processes. Utilize workflow automation to eliminate repetitive tasks and reduce human errors, freeing up time for innovation, strategy, and reassigning staff to more productive, revenue-producing tasks.

Adopt workflow automation software to cut processing costs in purchasing by up to 50% and in Accounts Payable by as much as 75%. Reduce operational costs by 10% or more and increase revenue by more than 8%.

Business compliance is important. Make sure your purchasing policy and payment processes are adhered to. Implement custom workflows to standardize and improve the flow of data information, secure access to sensitive information, enhance efficiency, and quickly aggregate data for regulatory reporting.

Essential to any business is the health of the business relationship with key vendors. Optimize your procurement operations with automation to  improved accuracy and efficiency, introduce real-time communication and assistance. Eelevate loyalty and retention on both sides.

Workflow automation offers a window into the health of your organization. Immediate access to real-time data enables greater visibility into your procurement processes and activities. Monitor inventory, payments, and spend for all purchases, and diagnose hiccups and inefficiencies that need to be resolved. Enhanced visibility leads to better decision-making.

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Workflow Automation Drives Growth

Add cloud-based workflow automation software to your purchasing and finance operations to take control of your organization’s growth trajectory. Integrate and execute automated processes to save your organization time and money; enable higher levels of productivity and efficiency; provide greater visibility; manage compliance and governance efforts; and boost overall competitiveness.

Embracing workflow automation software is advantageous for any organization aspiring to scale and surpass their competitors.

We recently asked our customers what they love most about Planergy, and this is what they had to say

“Limit Opportunities For Errors ”

Human errors have the potential to severely impact your bottom line. One incorrect or duplicate payment through manual error can be extremely costly.

Use the power of technology to digitize and automate your manual financial operations. Seamlessly integrate your current accounting or ERP software to oversee spend in real-time; manage requisitions; optimize the invoice approval and accounts payable process; and nurture vendor-supplier relationships.

“An outdated purchasing process left me with an office full of paperwork and a floor piled with folders. I spent a huge amount of time at the end of each month trying to sort out issues, and searching for specific documents was a nightmare. Planergy solved all of that. It saves me hours of work each week.”
Pulse Logistics
Stephen Fennessy

“Position Your Organization To Win”

Productivity drives revenue. Design unique automated workflows to replace redundant tasks, and reduce bottlenecks and breakdowns in your procure-to-pay process. Removing unnecessary manual processes allows you to maximize human talent, freeing them to focus on strategic, revenue-generating initiatives.

“We can easily set limits and control spending and also report and review expenditure by company, by division, by department. Even though our company has grown the Planergy system continues to work well for us.”
Paula Duncan


“Gain Greater Control and Clear Data”

Workflow automation software affords a consolidated, customized view of historical and current data, as well as stress points and inaccuracies. This type of clarification enables well-informed decisions and more precise projections for future business.

Provided with seamless visibility and transparency through customized, visual dashboards and reports, capture error-free insights to uncover opportunities to take action, whether scaling, cutting back, or executing growth initiatives.

“Planergy has helped us limit the risks associated with bad planning, unapproved purchases, and even fraud. It has enabled us to consolidate many of our purchasing functions on a district and regional level with more consolidation planned in the coming months.”
ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Geoff McCombs

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“Connect AP With Purchasing Data”

Invoice processing can cost anywhere from $5 to $26 per invoice. That is a huge difference between best in class and the worst.

Get your AP processing times down and start saving time and money. Give your AP team visibility of PO and receiving information to make the process as easy as possible when everything matches up. The minority of exceptions can be clarified with the supplier or internally.

“An excellent one stop solution for purchase order and invoice verification. Approval rules ensure that we have the correct employee approving purchases. Has provided secure invoice approval/authorization.”
Rhino Products
Neil Clarke

“Multiple Stakeholders, One Location”

Financial officer, procurement manager, vendors, or suppliers - the benefits of secure, compliant, automated workflows extend across your entire organization, regardless of title. Workflows can be customized to meet your specific needs, on one centralized platform.

“From the end user requesting to buy something, through the approvals, receiving the items, to invoice reconciliation, it has roles for everyone involved and makes the workflow electronic and easier all-the-way around.”
Jonathan Engel

“Get All Spend Under Management”

Ensure all costs are controlled by managing ordering with preferred suppliers. Make sure all the boxes are checked and your supply chain management compliance requirements are met – cybersecurity compliance, ethical standards compliance, business sector specific compliance requirements can all be tracked with their relevant documents to ensure you are not purchasing from vendors you that are not qualified to supply for your company.

Get the required sign off with tracking of all the relevant information and documents tracked centrally.

“Planergy allowed all site managers, engineers, and office staff access to order material. Track orders and check prices against those agreed with suppliers.”
JSD Contracting
Seamus Dooley

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