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PLANERGY is the easiest purchasing software. Getting educators, from the tech-savvy to the ones with the oldest phone known to man, up and running and using the software is a breeze. Allow clear order tracking from initial request right through to payment. Give visibility to teachers and administrators alike to see how much has been spent and what is still remaining in the budgets.

A Better Way To Purchase & Pay For Education Companies

“Fast Implementation & Easy to Use”

PLANERGY is the easiest Procure-to-Pay software on the market, bar none.

We have been developing and refining it for over a decade to make it powerful and easy.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our customers tell us how good our software is to use.

“Very good package for the end user and great support.”
Red Kite Learning Trust
Sharon Bentley

“Seamless Synchronization”

PLANERGY synchronizes data with all major ERP and accounting software.

It’s built from the ground up for integration.

We can create custom integrations for bespoke solutions and complex legacy systems.

Ask us about it!

“Very useful for us to bridge the gap to ERP procure to pay solution. Easy to use and configure.”
Maynooth University
Mark Martin

$ $ $ $

“Real-Time Spend Visibility”

Know that every cent is accounted for across all regions and stores – who spent what and with which vendors.

Automate accountability and get accurate information on what has been spent and what is remaining for every budget. Get the information to make better inform business decisions and be alerted when employees go over budget.

“Within seconds we can pull a simple report to see school purchasing histories across our schools, at the department level, or even at the individual level.”
Northwood Schools
Donald Freeman

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