Green Orthodontics switched to Planergy Purchase management software and saves $4,000 per month and 15 hours of ordering time per week

Based in Tennessee, Green Orthodontics was founded in 2016. A decorated single location practice, known as the community orthodontics, the company’s mission is to provide children with beautiful smiles.

Planergy was especially appealing as a healthcare spend management software for this organization because it was easy to use, had flexibility to be customized to their needs, and gives full visibility and control of spend and inventory.

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Before Planergy

Due to purchase and inventory management inefficiencies, along with related cash flow constraints, many small or single-office dental practices lose thousands of dollars each year – stifling profitability.

Green Orthodontics’ inefficiencies were the result of using OYO, an inventory software specifically for orthodontic practices.

“Our office manager would spend hours looking for buttons or we’d find them in places where you wouldn’t expect them to be, it was just very frustrating” said Key Somera, Practice Manager at Green Orthodontics.

Green Orthodontics - Dentist Chair With PatientThat software lacked the ability to set user and admin access permissions, leaving the company’s system vulnerable to security breaches and unauthorized activity. 

Running reports was no easy feat, as it involved exporting a massive document that had to be manually sorted, filtered, and “cleaned up” in order to be useful. 15 hours were wasted each week, trying to navigate the software, and sort through inaccurate data and pricing.

OYO failed at helping Dr. Green’s team track and manage inventory. “At the end of the year, we realized around $25k of inventory was either lost or we lost accountability for it in our system,” says Dr. Green. “We couldn’t keep up with what was being used and what was not”.

These challenges led Green Orthodontics to find a better solution that would meet all their needs at an affordable price point; they discovered that Planergy Spend Management software did just that.

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After Planergy

The Planergy onboarding team helped Green Orthodontics set up Planergy’s all-in-one purchase order software exactly how they wanted it, customized to maximize control over monthly spend and inventory management.

“Planergy saved us a ton of money on supplies,” shared Dr. Green.

“We saw a 25% reduction in supply use just from being able to run the reports to see how and where we buying and at what cost. We saved at least $4k per month on supply usage,” she added.

Green Orthodontics - Silly StaffThe national supplies KPI in Orthodontics runs around 6%, and Green Orthodontics’ supplies KPI was constantly reaching 12% until they implemented Planergy.

These savings are also a testament to intangible benefits such as real-time visibility, accountability, and transparency.

With the excess profit-savings, Dr. Green mentioned they have been able to improve patient care and take better care of their staff all while remaining an affordable dental practice.


We saved at least $4k per month on supply usage. Planergy has made a really impactful change for us. We appreciate you so much, especially all your help and support.

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Key Somera

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