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Workflow Efficiency

Your Time In Business Is Precious, Save It

Stop wasting your team’s time with cumbersome and wasteful processes. Place workflow efficiency at the centre of your procure-to-pay process with a fit for purpose solution that adds value at every step. Save time, effort, and frustration and free your team to use their skill sets and focus on more value added tasks.

What can we do if we are drowning in paper?

How can we remove manual processes and manual errors?

How can we ensure all relevant data is available at the right time?

Drowning in paper? Get a fit for purpose procurement solution.

You can do a lot with spreadsheets, paper and emails but can you do it efficiently? Manual processes create manual errors, spreadsheets with controlled access create bottlenecks, paper gets lost, emails go unresponded to. Why not use a procurement system designed to improve your procurement processes? Over 10 years tried and tested with continued improvements made every year. Let us show you how PLANERGY could help.

Purchase Order Management Workflows For A Modern Business

Streamline your purchasing requisition and purchase order processes to empower your team to shop for the products and services they need to do their jobs while ensuring spend is kept under control and with preferred suppliers. Powerful automated approval workflows and simplified requisition creation processes will ensure efficiency.

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"Clear, precise, user friendly way to make your procurement run more smoothly."
Alex Midson, Manager

Upstream Improvements For Invoice Processing Time Improvements

Benchmarking studies indicate that processing can cost anywhere from $5 to $26 per invoice. That is a huge difference between best in class and the worst. Get your AP processing times down and start saving time and money. Give your AP team visibility of PO and receiving information to make the process as easy as possible when everything matches up. The minority of exceptions can be clarified with the supplier or internally.

Vendor Approval Workflows To Get All Spend Under Management

Ensure all costs are controlled by managing ordering with preferred suppliers. Make sure all the boxes are checked and your supply chain management compliance requirements are met – cybersecurity compliance, ethical standards compliance, business sector specific compliance requirements can all be tracked with their relevant documents to ensure you are not purchasing from vendors you that are not qualified to supply for your company. Get the required sign off with tracking of all the relevant information and documents tracked centrally.

Remove manual errors, centralise information, and streamline your workflows

Manual time consuming tasks slow down your business and cost you money every day. Errors resulting from those manual tasks will cost you even more. Automate your workflows to take the pain away from your team, remove manual errors, ensure data is available to the people that need it when they need it, and free your time to grow the business.

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