Purchase Order Management and AP Automation For QuickBooks

Control, track, and report on spend easily. Approve purchase orders with real-time budget visibility to make efficient decisions. Streamline approval workflows. Automate AP with OCR and AI technology. All without increasing your QuickBooks user count.


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Why Use PLANERGY with QuickBooks Online

All-in-One Purchasing Platform

Stop using ineffective tools and get an end to-end purchasing platform. Manage the entire P2P process with everything in one place to save you time and headaches of email, phone, calls, excel, and lost information. Post bills ready to be processed for payment to QuickBooks.

Automate & Simplify Approvals

Approve purchases from anyware with a tap - save your team time and your company money. Eliminate the manual work, reduce maverick spend, and get better insights into your spending.

Save Up To 15% On Your Spend

Consolidate spending and realize savings of up to 15% on your business spend. We guarantee 2% savings across all your purchasing for your first year and most companies tell us they saved much more.

Real-Time Spend Visibility

Know that every cent is accounted for - who spent it and with which vendors. Get accurate budget vs actual spend reports to better inform business decisions and be alerted when employees go over budget.

Fast & Accurate Invoice Processing

Streamline accounts payable by going paperless. Automate scanning and processing invoices with the power AI and OCR. Match invoices against PO and delivery for 2- or 3-way matching so you are only paying for verified purchases. All invoice data and documents come through into QuickBooks.

Easy Order Tracking

Never worry about tracking down orders again with everything in one place. Save you and your team time to focus on more strategic projects. Every order is tracked fully and the details are available in seconds from anywhere at any time with powerful search and reporting.

Leave QuickBooks To Your Accounting Team

PLANERGY keeps access separate so you only need to give access to QuickBooks to your accountants while PLANERGY’s powerful user permissions engine allows you flexibility to control access.

Flexible Reports & Forecasting

Create reports and dashboards, export the data you need to whenever you need it. Preconfigured reports to give you insight for better business decisions - including spend forecasting, budget vs actual spend, committed spend, and GRNI.

Enforce Compliance & Control in Procure-to-Pay

Gain full control over your company's purchasing and AP process. Automate internal controls, enforce best practices like record to report, and control the vendors your employees purchase from. Never worry about non-compliance again.

PLANERGY Help King Ocean To Save Over $1 Milion A Year With It's Purchasing Hub

“We saved more than $1 million on our spend in the first year and just recently identified an opportunity to save about $10,000 every month on recurring expenses”

Cristian Maradiaga

Procurement Director,
King Ocean

How It Works


Connect With QuickBooks Online With Just One Click

Import your QuickBooks Online data and be ready to manage your procurement processes more efficiently immediately.


Easy Purchase Order Management

Request, approve, and manage purchase orders efficiently in PLANERGY with no user access to QuickBooks Online required.


Accounts Payable Invoice Matching Automation

Match invoices against the POs in PLANERGY to eliminate incorrect payments from fraud or manual error with full tracking of all records and relevant documents.


Authorised Invoices With Relevant Documents in QuickBooks Online

Automatically generate bills in QuickBooks Online for all authorized invoices. Data and documents are imported but still editable by your accountant before they process the payment.

One Place to Purchase

Your purchase-to-pay process is too manual, inefficient, and costing you with missed savings opportunities.

PLANERGY gives you one unified platform to place orders, control spend, approve payments, and perform spend analysis. Get first class support to achieve your goals and integration with online catalogs like Amazon. We save businesses time and money by eliminating manual purchasing and payment processes with one easy to use tool.

Automated Approval Workflows

Approvals by email, phone, and spreadsheets don’t work and can’t scale.

PLANERGY allows you to easily design automated approval workflows. Customizable budgets, approvals, and workflows ensure every purchase is compliant with your purchasing process.

Flexible Purchasing Reports & Analytics

Stop finding out about spend after the fact and missing opportunities to save.

See what portion of your budget has already been spent, and what is left, before approving your team‘s request. Review purchasing data across the company to identify opportunities for realized savings. Informed decisions help align spending to company goals.

One Place to Pay

Stop paying incorrect vendor invoices.

Process invoices automatically and use upstream purchasing data to streamline your downstream accounts payable process in one centralized platform. Avoid fraud, manual errors, and duplicate payments by paying only vendor invoices that match.

Automating purchasing for efficiency and compliance across the Boy Scouts

“PLANERGY has made our approval process quicker and less cumbersome, and it’s taken away people’s excuses for not following policies and procedures.”

Brian Hall,

Business Manager, Boy
Scouts of America

One platform to control and manage 100% of your company’s purchasing & payments

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