Powerful spend management and analytics with the benefits of Amazon Business

Seamless integration between Planergy and Amazon Business provides you the selection, value, and purchasing convenience of shopping on Amazon with the control, visibility, and spend analysis from Planergy’s Ultimate Spend Management Software. Approve purchase orders with real-time budget visibility to make efficient decisions. Automate AP with eInvoices, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and AI technology.

Amazon Business Integration

Why Use Planergy with Amazon Business

Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order Management with Powerful, Customizable Approval Workflows

One-click requesting from your Amazon Business cart with approval managed in Planergy, and immediate order placement in Amazon Business upon approval in Planergy. Control, track, manage, and report on spend efficiently from anywhere. Automate the process and enable compliant purchasing while benefiting from discounts and shipping from Amazon Business.

Budget Control and Management

Manage expenditure against your budgets in Planergy ensuring no overspends and give your purchase approvers remaining budget information to make better decisions faster.

Budget Management

Automatically Enforce 2- or 3-Way Matching Compliance

Match invoices against purchase orders and delivery slips in Planergy to ensure accurate, fast, and effective invoice processing . Automatically receive Amazon Business order confirmation, shipment notifications, and eInvoices with full audit trail tracking in Planergy for full visibility on your Amazon Business orders.

Amazon Business’ Business-Only Pricing and Discounts

Amazon Business customers enjoy business-only prices that include special pricing discounts as well as quantity pricing discounts on larger quantity purchases, starting from just two units, on millions of products from the most trusted brands. Business Prime members can also take advantage of Progressive Discounts on business products their organization buys the most.

Track and Categorize Spend Easily

GL Code, projects, departments, user, supplier, and even optional custom fields give you all the information you need. Planergy’s powerful filterable, exportable, and customizable reports engine puts all the data at your fingertips at the push of a button.

Track and Categorize Spend
Amazon Business Compare Item Pricing

Compare item pricing across multiple sellers in Amazon

Easily compare products and pricing across multiple sellers on Amazon Business to identify the best offers. Cut costs with business-only prices, deals and discounts, including potential distributor and negotiated pricing on select items, and additional savings with Recurring Delivery on eligible products. Business Prime members can also enjoy prime exclusive prices and steer buyers to preferred products or suppliers with Amazon Business’ Guided Buying feature.

How It Works


Connect To Your Amazon Business Account

Link your Amazon Business account to Planergy through our simple integration. Use PunchOut or the new Amazon Business Punch-in format.


Prepare orders directly on Amazon Business

Use the familiar Amazon buying experience to choose from millions of products for your business. Let your team prepare their orders with ease and benefit from the Amazon Business purchasing experience.


Automated approval workflows in Planergy before the order is placed

One-click requesting of items through Planergy. Ensure compliance on your procurement processes with approval on Amazon Business orders with full Audit Trail tracking. Receive order confirmation and shipment notifications directly in Planergy for full visibility of your Amazon Business orders.


Amazon Business Approved Orders Placed

Accounts Payable Invoice Matching Automation

Flexible Amazon Business payment options including pay by invoice. All invoices from Amazon Business PunchOut orders are sent to Planergy for automated processing. Match invoices against the POs in Planergy to eliminate manual errors and speed up invoice processing with full tracking of all records and relevant documents.

Why Amazon Business?

Amazon Business helps you reshape you business purchasing by combining the selection, convenience, and value you expect from Amazon, with features that transform everyday operations. Amazon Business provides tools to guide users to preferred products, approval workflows, analytics, seller certifications, and flexible account settings. Access hundreds of millions of products worldwide from hundreds of thousands of suppliers across multiple product categories like office supplies, IT products, MRO, and more, all in one place.

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Why Amazon Business Prime?

Amazon Business Prime offers all the benefits of Amazon Business plus a lot more, including:

  • Guided Buying allows you to create a policy that automatically directs your team to the products and sellers that match organizational purchasing goals.
  • Additional Prime exclusive discounts on the products your organization buys the most.
  • FREE delivery (on eligible orders) of what you need, when you need it.
  • Pay by Invoice and get 45- or 60-day payment terms with eligible membership plans upon approval.
  • Much more!

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Amazon Business Partner

Planergy and Amazon Business delivering the ultimate spend management experience

A seamless buying experience with control, spend analysis, and AP Automation