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Accounts Payable Automation Software That Eases The Pain Of Invoice Processing

With 3-way or 2-way matching automatically enforced, accounts payable workflow becomes easy. Full visibility to all requests, approvals, and document uploads, means your AP team can immediately see who ordered what, when it was received. Ensure that the invoice matches before a payment is processed. Make vendor invoice processing easy, while driving efficiencies and ultimately boosting your organization's bottom line.

How can we automate accounts payable processes and reduce invoice processing time?

How can we remove the pain from month-end and year-end reporting?

How can we give our AP team visibility of all the information they need to clear invoices for payment?

AP Automation 1 - Accounts Payable Automation

Procure-To-Pay Visibility Powering Accounts Payable Automation

Your accounts payable team will have visibility of the entire procurement process to see if the vendor invoice matches a corresponding PO with our accounts payable workflow software. You'll know who ordered, who approved and who received each order, eliminating the risk of incorrect payments. Modernizing this process empowers your team to control costs, capture discounts for early payments, and reduce errors.

AP Automation 2 - Avoid Fraud and Manual Errors

AP Automation Software For Removing Manual Tasks, Manual Errors, And Fraud

Remove manual checking with wasted time on calls or long email discussions. All information is available from one centralised cloud location, visible before an invoice is paid. See the documents and fully audit trail of approvals and item receiving. Automated checks ensure you don’t pay for items you didn’t receive, over-charged items, or duplicate invoices. Only pay authentic and correctly charged invoices, automate accounts payable, save time, and increase your profits.

"PLANERGY has helped us limit the risks associated with bad planning, unapproved purchases, and even fraud. It has enabled us to consolidate many of our purchasing functions on a district and regional level with more consolidation planned in the coming months."
Geoff McCombs, Regional Supply Chain Manager
ThyssenKrupp Elevator
AP Automation 3 - Smart Storage For All Documents

Smart Storage For All Your Documents

PLANERGY’s accounts payable system removes costly manual errors. The three-way matching process is designed to eliminate human errors and speeds processing time. Vendor invoices are automatically uploaded to the cloud and attached to matching documents, allowing you to find and compare all order documentation at any time, from anywhere in one centralised data source.

AP Automation 4 - Automated Accounts Payable Reporting

Automated Accounts Payable Reporting, Automated FP&A Reporting

Automatically updated reports on committed spend and GRNI are available with up to the second accuracy. Each PO approved and every invoice processed will immediately update the reports so you know you have the most current accurate information available for management meetings and the ability to make better planning decisions. Gain the ability to search, report and analyze procurement data at a granular level with powerful custom reports and filtering.

AP Automation 5 - Accounts Payable Workflow Software

Accounts Payable Workflow Software For Two-Way or Three-Way Matching

Enforce two-way matching or three-way matching processes automatically with our flexible setup options. See the process be enforced and run smoothly without senior management needing to be hands on. Ensure what you order is what you received and what you pay for when enforcing three-way matching. For companies using drop shipping or other scenarios where you cannot control the receiving of goods or services accurately a two-way matching process will ensure you are only paying for what you originally ordered.

AP Automation 6 - Accounts Payable Automation That Works With Your Existing Software

Accounts Payable Automation That Works With Your Existing Software

PLANERGY is a standalone procurement management solution that integrates directly with a number of ERPs and accounting systems to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. For any software we don’t directly integrate with we offer custom integration options so whatever system you are using we have you covered.

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