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Planergy is user friendly, efficient and flexible cloud spend management software that manages purchase requests, approval workflows, budgeting, and spend analysis. Gain new levels of control and visibility with real-time tracking & accountability. All integrated with your existing accounting or ERP system.

Vendor Management Software

Remove paper and Excel based processes to eliminate costly errors, maximize savings, and increase operational efficiency. Our easy to use, powerful procurement software can automate 2 & 3-way matching between vendor invoices and purchase orders for a seamless reconciliation process that saves you time.

Smart guides and catalogs to help employees find what they need while easily allowing them to make the right purchasing decisions. Embed purchase requisition policies in the buying experience making it easy for employees to follow compliance.

Planergy integrates seamlessly with all major ERP and accounting systems, synchronizing even with bespoke and legacy software to streamline the procure-to-pay process.

With our convenient, easy-to-use software that will quickly pay for itself. Average savings of 10% of your annual spend, 25% faster financial close, and 75% reductions in manual entry. Your team can finally stop spending so much time on tedious tasks and focus on adding value to your company.

We’re here to help you get the most out of your software. Our world-class customer service and technical support have a reputation for going above and beyond, so give us a call if you need any assistance!

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How It Works

Planergy is a platform that automates the purchase requisition management and approval process. It integrates with your accounting software or ERP and tracks purchases from creation to receipting, then matches invoices against original orders for easy payment processing.



Implementation is mapped to your integrated ERP or accounting software ensuring everything links as needed. Our expert support team are on hand to ensure that you get up and running with minimum hassle.



Request, approve, and manage purchase requisitions efficiently from anywhere on any device with automation of your purchasing process in the Planergy cloud app – independent of your accounting package or ERP.



Match invoices against POs in Planergy to eliminate incorrect payments from fraud or manual error – all with a full audit trail of every event, tracked together with copies of all relevant documents.



Automatically generate invoices ready for payment processing in your accounting software or ERP for all authorized invoices. Data and documents are imported but are still editable before final payments are processed and made.

We recently asked our customers what they love most about Planergy, and this is what they had to say

“Perfect For Remote Teams”

Planergy is the perfect SaaS requisition process solution for remote workers who need to be able to access their work from anywhere.

Planergy gives you the ability to approve purchases in seconds, optimize workflows in the order process, and review consolidated spend data. It works with your schedule, and all functionality can easily be accessed on a phone, tablet or at your desk- wherever you are!

“We have been able to clearly monitor company spend over 8 depots nationwide and control certain staff members authorities.”
A & M Energy
Jack Rhoden

$ $ $ $

“We Have Control And Visibility Of Our Spend”

Planergy gives you the transparency and control that lead to better cash flow, forecasting, & better management reporting capabilities.

Our 100% end-to-end audit trail ensures everything is tracked and traceable. It’s easy to see how much money is being spent and where that spending occurs--all in one place!

“It allows me to control the purchasing at each site, without it this wouldn’t be possible! System is simple enough that sites aren’t overwhelmed but robust enough to keep control.”
Ashford Homes
Simon Tandy

“World-Class Support”

One of the reasons that we’ve been able to grow so quickly and provide such amazing service is because our team are always available for you 24/7, 365 days a year!

That means whatever your need may be - whether it's an issue with one of our products, advice on how to customize the software, or just some general tech support advice - they're there waiting patiently at their desks ready to help out in any way possible!

“Very clear and extremely supportive after sales help using/educating staff.”
London Vision Clinic
Cindy Beedell

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“Seamless Synchronization”

Planergy's seamless synchronisation will keep your data in sync with all of the major ERP and accounting software packages.

Our E-Procurement system was built from the ground up to handle integration, even for bespoke solutions or legacy systems full of custom code! Take us on a challenge - we're ready!

“It has helped to organize our approval processes and has allowed our company to go almost completely paperless. The approval process is easy, the ability to link directly to QuickBooks Online and the price are all great.”
Lean Machine Metal Fabricators
Corwin Klassen

“Powerful Analysis Tools”

Planergy’s powerful analysis tools make it easy to generate the forecasts & reports that provide truly actionable insights.

From built-in reports, custom reports, through our flexible export features - everything is geared towards maximum leverage of your procurement and accounts payable data.

“Simple to use and covers our sophisticated reporting requirements. With integration with our accounting software we do not need to reconcile purchasing and accounting systems anymore.”
Real World Records
Chris Roberts

“You Save a Ton of Time!”

Planergy automates the approval process, eliminating paper trails and errors. This not only saves time but also eliminates any potential for human error that may come from manual checks or data entry. Requesters, approvers, right up to the CFO tell us they work more efficiently with better accuracy.

“A quick reliable way to control spending and an affordable price. The automating fields on orders and invoices saves everybody time lot’s of time.”
Carville Switchgear
Mark Tillson

“Very Powerful Search Feature”

We have gone the extra mile to develop an extremely advanced, quick, broad reaching & easy to use search feature within our procurement system.

Our users often tell us that our powerful search is their favorite Planergy feature. Enabling them to track purchases and quickly get to the information that they need.

“Powerful search functions As a homegrown purchaser being able to search what we did in the past even 6 yrs ago is very helpful.”
Home Reserve
Joe Meter

“Clever User Management”

With Clever User Management you can set limits on how much each user is allowed to spend and what data they can see. Set safeguards for your data and procurement processes while empowering your team.

Simplify the user experience for employees by giving them access to only what they need. The interface stays clean without any clutter so that all the important information is at your fingertips when it's needed most!

“Easy to use and great ability to tailor the system suiting our needs.”
KGB Cleaning & Support Services
Sharon Rhatigan

“Quick Setup & Easy To Use”

After over 21 years of development, our solution is the easiest on the market to implement and use. So much so that we often hear from customers how good it feels to work with Planergy day after day — they find themselves getting more done than ever before!

“We use it to make all our POs and it’s super easy.”
Justin Maynard

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