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Full audit trail tracking for orders to give you peace of mind and give your team visibility

You’ll never have to worry about audits again. Tracking purchases is easy when a full audit trail is kept for every order. The ability to search the system ensures that you find the exact detail you need. With purchase order tracking software, an impending audit is not an occasion to panic. You can relax knowing that your PO department documentation is organized, searchable, and in order. Purchases are approved and verified, human error is virtually eliminated, and compliance is ensured. There is no scrambling for details, discovery of mystery purchases, or lost paperwork. You're ready any time.

How can we gain better visibility of spend and improve financial oversight?

How can we track all direct and indirect spend against departments, jobs, and projects?

How can we ensure no documents are lost and all documentation is available from anywhere?

Search And Track 1 - Full Audit Trail Tracking

Full Audit Trail Tracking

Centralized tracking of requests and approved purchase orders with fully auditable tracking of every action means better oversight of company spend and visibility of the full financial picture. Track orders by user, department, location, project, item category, and even custom fields specific to your company.

Search And Track 2 - Compliance For Procure-To-Pay Processes

Compliant Procure-To-Pay Processes

Ensure compliance with your processes across the procure-to-pay-process. Cut internal and external audit times down to a fraction of their current time with automated workflows that are fully tracked through every step. Drill down into the who, when, and why of each approved purchase with powerful search features and full audit trail order history.

"PLANERGY is an asset to our company. It helps us control costs and identify when we are being overcharged for products. It’s a huge help in centralizing our purchasing processes and has enabled our organization to have real data to support purchasing decisions."
Laura Spidell, Controller
University Orthopedics Center
Search And Track 3 - Find Information In Seconds

Find Information in Seconds

Powerful search functionality allows you to search by any combination of fields to find any specific order. Don’t remember the PO number? No problem! Search by requester, approver, item, supplier, department, or any other field and find the relevant information in seconds. All the information is attached to the PO, exactly where you need it, and easy to retrieve.

Search And Track 4 - Flexible and Customizable

Flexible and Customisable

PLANERGY is a fully customizable solution to your procurement department needs. No matter what industry you're in, how many divisions your company has, or what type of purchases you make, our software provides powerful tracking and documentation. Streamline your ordering process while maintaining control of your budget. Stop wasting time chasing paper. Make your ordering process fast, easy, secure, and visible with our powerful cloud-based solution.

Search And Track 5 - Catch Manual Errors And Fraud

Catch Manual Errors and Fraud Every Time

Detecting fraud has never been easier. With every action tracked, see who requested, approved, and received an order with a full audit trail. There is nowhere to hide. If something doesn’t make sense you will be able to see it and put additional controls in place to avoid it happening again.

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