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Business budgeting software to manage budgets in real-time and always see bottom line impact

Full visibility into spend helps you stop maverick spending, stay on budget, and ensure better purchasing decisions are made by budget holders. With a cloud based procurement system you can see real-time budget impact from any device wherever you are. You’ll have a new level of control and predictability.

How can we better manage budgets to increase profitability?

How can we give budget holders real-time budget visibility to make better procurement decisions?

How can we gain comparability of our organisations budgets, across departments, locations, etc.?

Flexible and Powerful Budget Management Software

Flexible to cover procurement budgets in any industry. Intuitive for implementation in a small business, but with powerful features to cover the needs of a large organization. Set budgets by job, project, department, cost center, per person, or combinations of these. Set monthly, annual, or date defined budgets. Define approval workflows per budget to ensure only correctly approved orders hit your budget. Flexibility to control expenditure how you need to and ensure you never go over budget.

Project and Job Based Budgeting and Approval Workflows

Keep every job and project profitable with ordering restricted if you hit the budget ensuring you cannot go over budget without the right people signing off on any overspend. All purchases get signed off by the budget holder and accurate spend versus budget reports are available with the click of a button through our budget tracking software.

"PLANERGY saves us time and money simply because time is money. PLANERGY has streamlined our process so the amount of time everyone is spending approving or referring to POs has been drastically cut."
Russell Balogh
British Car Auctions

Real-Time Budget Impact Reporting

See updates in the budget reporting as soon as expenditure is approved. Leave Excel behind and get real-time budget reporting accuracy with each PO created or invoice processed. Purchase approval and planning decisions are easier when you have the information you need at hand and PLANERGY gives you that all available through the cloud from anywhere, any time.

Complete Budget Tracking Software For Deeper Insights

All expenditure committed to the budget is fully tracked giving you the ability to drill down and analyse where the budget is being spent. See who is requesting or approving the expenditure, the suppliers you are purchasing from, the locations the orders related to, when they were placed, as well as various other standard information as well as your own custom fields if needed.

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