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Order delivery tracking software to monitor and manage purchase orders in real-time

Purchasing software does the hard work of checking that what you are being charged matches what you received. Purchase orders, order receipts, and vendor invoices are aligned automatically in our system, highlighting issues and saving your hard-earned money. Eliminate the risk of costly user error with purchasing software: Duplicate orders and payments are a thing of the past. Unfulfilled purchase orders cannot fall through the cracks. Payments are cross-matched to the order, the PO, the invoice, and the delivery slip, so there is never a need to track down proof of payment or delivery.

How can we track and follow up on overdue orders to ensure operations continue to run smoothly?

How can we ensure the quality of goods and services we receive?

How can we ensure we are not paying for damaged items and items or services that were never received?

Order Management 1 - Receive What You Order

Ensure You Receive What You Ordered

Authenticate each delivery to ensure you have received what you ordered and the quality of the goods or services are up to scratch. Track relevant documentation and notes all in one centralized system accessible from the cloud. When a return is necessary, full audit trail tracking with comments lets you see answers to the important why question at a glance.

Order Management 2 - Order Status Tracking

Order Status Tracking

See the status of any order at any time. A full audit trail is kept for every order from purchase requisition through invoice reconciliation, making it easier than ever to ensure accountability. Track every receiving action carried out against every PO. Split goods delivery? Long-term service contracts? Staged deliverables? No problem with PLANERGY. Authenticate each delivery and see who signed off, where, and when. Easily monitor your history of deliveries and ensure you are not paying for goods or services you did not receive.

"PLANERGY has helped us limit the risks associated with bad planning, unapproved purchases, and even fraud. It has enabled us to consolidate many of our purchasing functions on a district and regional level with more consolidation planned in the coming months."
Geoff McCombs, Regional Supply Chain Manager
ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Order Management 3 - Track Overdue Orders

Track Your Overdue Orders

With our automated delivery status report, you can quickly see which orders are overdue for delivery, follow up with the supplier, and get things back on track. You'll be able to assess which of your suppliers are underperforming and take action to improve your operations.

Order Management 4 - Multi-Country and Multi-Site Tracking

Multi-country and Multi-site tracking

Managing multiple locations? How about in multiple states or countries? PLANERGY manages receiving and inventory management for large or small organizations. See open orders per person, per item, per location, per company, or the full picture in seconds with our filterable reporting. Get the overview with the drill down analytics you need. Have all the relevant documentation available from the cloud.

Order Management 5 - Three Way Matching

Three Way Matching

Accurate receiving information for your goods and services can help take the pain away from your AP team. Our three-way matching protocol helps you avoid paying inaccurate invoices by ensuring that what you are being charged matches your orders and receipts. Three documents – purchase orders, order receipts, and vendor invoices – are aligned automatically in our paperless purchase order system, highlighting any discrepancies and saving you money.

Order Management 6 - Flexible Workflows

Flexible Workflows

Flexible workflows can be set up to match your organization's requirements. Not dealing with inventory items? Just track the delivery of your service orders without the inventory management. We feel the more you match the easier the overall workflow will be, but three-way matching doesn’t suit all companies. Drop shipping? Delivering straight to client sites? If the receiving step doesn’t work for your company’s circumstances you can skip the step and follow a two-way matching process instead.

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