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Powerful budget forecasting and reporting makes staying under budget easier than ever

Business managers are under constant pressure to reduce costs and increase productivity. If the idea of a budget report fills your department heads with dread, it's a sign your company needs to streamline its processes. When you have your total spend information in one place, you can make informed decisions, and lay out better budgeting plans. Centralized procurement stops the little leaks and blocks the maverick spend. With our customizable purchasing software, you are in complete control, and you decide how tight control needs to be.

How can we take the pain out of organising financial reports for committed spend and accruals?

How can we see clear expenditure vs. budget reports?

How can we drill down into the details of exactly what we are buying and from which supplier?

Report Plan Analyze 1 - Powerful Filterable Reports

Powerful Filterable Reports

All reports in PLANERGY are fully filterable, allowing you to drill down and see the hidden details that you didn’t even know were there to drive better procurement decisions. See exactly what you are buying, how much, from which suppliers, who is approving it, and where it is going. Get the information you need to empower you to negotiate better discounts when it comes to supplier reviews.

Report Plan Analyze 2 - Accurate Spend Against Budget Reports

Accurate Spend Against Budget Reports

Live budget forecasts allow you to instantly see committed spend vs. budget reports available online, through our mobile app, or downloadable for meeting presentations. Make sure you are always within budget to drive efficiency and with maximum profitability for jobs and projects with our budget reporting.

"We’ve only had this procurement software since November and I can say we’re pretty confident we’re about to save $350,000 per year just from some simple analysis we picked up through accounts payable reporting."
Ross Blaikie, Group Financial Controller
Botanical Resources Australia
Report Plan Analyze 3 - Automated Financial Reporting Software

Automated Financial Reporting Software

Automatically generated and instantly updated financial reports give you an accurate picture of the finances in the organization. See committed spend and goods received not invoiced (GRNI) figures in seconds. Drill down by project, department, or supplier to see where your exposure is so you can better manage it. Know exactly where the company stands financially, making sure all future spend is accounted for correctly long before the supplier invoice arrives. Take some of the pain out of month end and year end reporting with full audit tracking.

Report Plan Analyze 4 - Powerful Custom Report Creation

Powerful Custom Report Creation

Customizable reports with access control allow you to instantly give the right information to the right people at the right time with no fuss or hassle. Say goodbye to pulling together information from various excel documents, paper trails, and email communications. Get the full picture now.

Report Plan Analyze 5 - Cloud Based Access To Finance Reporting

Cloud Based Access To Finance Reporting

Get the information you need from wherever you are. PLANERGY is cloud-based so you can pull the reports you need while away from your desk, in transit, or already in the meeting room. You'll never regret the forgotten folder sitting on the kitchen table again.

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