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Purchase order requests that start your purchasing process off on the right foot

Our purchase requisition software makes ordering a snap. Authorized employees order preapproved supplies from preferred vendors within a set budget framework. Creating purchase requests is fast and easy. And with all the information you need in front of you, purchase approval is just as fast.

How can we save our team member’s time when requesting purchases?

How can we maximise savings from preferred suppliers?

How can we get visibility of all requests across multiple locations or companies?

Easy Purchase Order Requests

Easy Purchase Order Requests

Make it easy for your team to initiate purchases with a purchase order request form and request process that removes manual entry errors. Create purchase requisitions in seconds. Pre-populated data including approved supplier lists with agreed payment terms, item catalogues, and delivery locations ensure correct information is automatically filled every time, eliminating errors and saving time. Use a previous order as a template or pick list to free up even more time for value added tasks.

Full Purchase Requisition Visibility

Full Visibility

Centralized purchase request tracking ensures visibility and tracking throughout the request and approval process. Your team can see when their requests are approved or denied. Department heads, finance, accounts payable, and senior management have broader visibility they need to better manage so nothing gets lost. All requests, key documents, and conversations are tracked in one place and accessible from anywhere.

"An easy, straightforward PO system that is reachable from the cloud. It gives us bigger control over spending."
Adriaan Bartels, GM
The Cliff Collection
Purchase Requisition Access From Anywhere

Access From Any Device, Anywhere

Cloud based access ensures requests can be created while out of the office, on site, while visiting a client, or while travelling – wherever your team needs to be! Operations can proceed seamlessly from anywhere by phone or tablet with our mobile optimized web app. See requests across sites, across companies, and even across multiple countries to get a full view of staff requirements in real time.

Purchase Requisition Powerful Customization

Powerful Customization

Whether you are managing procurement in large organization or a purchasing department while growing your business, we have you covered. Customizable permissions allow you to give the flexibility needed in your purchase order process. Requesters may approve smaller value orders within specific budgets to help operations run more smoothly. Or, restrict users to request only specified item categories, in certain budgets, or for specific locations. The decision is yours. Have the options you need to control as much as your business needs!

Purchase Requisition Maximize Profitability

Maximise Profitability

Maximise your savings from preferred suppliers by creating an approved supplier list. Negotiate discounts, agree to credit terms and turnaround times to fully leverage your company's purchasing power. Powerful supplier management controls allows for suspension of non-performing suppliers so you know the orders are going to the suppliers you prefer.

Purchase Requisition Remove Manual Tasks

Remove Manual Tasks

Automated approval workflows take the guesswork out of requesting while ensuring compliance with your procurement processes. Only orders that have been correctly approved can be placed with the supplier, while rejected orders are tracked and the requester automatically updated when their request was rejected and why. Full tracking and automated status updates throughout the request and approval process keeps everybody informed without wasting any time any chasing down updates.

Purchase Requisition For Business Sectors

Suitable For Any Business Sector

PLANERGY is flexible and fully customizable to suit procurement in any company in any industry. Indirect or direct expenditure, goods or service orders, blanket POs, long-term contracts, staged delivery orders, or any type of order you might deal with. With user and department customizations, custom fields can be added throughout the system for tracking and reporting from the purchase request stage of the procure-to-pay process through delivery and payment. We work with companies in every business sector to help address their specific procurement challenges. Let us help you.

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