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8 QuickBooks Online Apps To Run Your Company More Efficiently

8 QuickBooks Online Apps To Run Your Company More Efficiently

8 QuickBooks Online Apps To Run Your Company More Efficiently

If you want to increase productivity, you need automation and integrations to simplify workflows while still getting things done. If you are having a hard time deciding between the QuickBooks desktop and online versions, We have this list of online apps you can integrate directly with the Intuit QuickBooks accounting software to make your life easier.

Many of these apps are options you may already be using, PLANERGY included, and that’s all the more reason to connect them to your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account. If you’re still relying on an Excel spreadsheet to track sales, you’re setting yourself up for a nightmare with your CPA when it comes time to file taxes.



TSheets time tracking is a wonderful app option for employee management. With it, you can manage your employee’s time and create timesheet reports while also tracking timesheets. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for your staff to get on board with. You can even use it with remote workers so that they can be more productive. It offers scheduling and time tracking via a mobile app. Employees clock in or our with a single click, making it easier for them to take a break, change job codes, or add more timesheet details quickly.

You can use it as a standalone tracking system or alongside third-party payroll systems such as Gusto, Paychex, and ADP.  It’s even possible to set geofences around project boundaries so when employees step outside them, they are reminded to clock out – and when they step inside them again, they are reminded to clock back in.

Insightly CRM


Insightly CRM is a project management app and customer relationship management tool all-in-one. Not only does it help you stay on top of projects at every stage, but it also makes it easy to track customer payments against project milestones and maintain positive relationships with your customers. You can also use it to manage contacts, tasks, events, and emails.

This tool is particularly helpful for your customer service and tech support teams. Both teams can create notes on a customer’s profile detailing the conversation and issues discussed. This way, in the future, if the same customer calls again, you can reference the previous conversations and create a more personalized experience.


planergy software

PLANERGY integrates with Quickbooks Online to make it easy to smoothly transfer financial data from PLANERGY into Quickbooks automatically. With our three-way matching and audit trail, you don’t have to worry about mistakes and missing documents throughout your procure-to-pay process. Enter the data once in the purchase order, and it will auto-populate in the Receiving and Accounts Payable sections to eliminate discrepancies.

Using approval workflows, you can set up approval chains in a matter of minutes, with however many steps you need. Approval can be set by department, budget, or threshold, and can be transferred by proxy when someone in the approval chain is out of the office.

And because you can store and track all your procurement documents in a central location, there’s no need to rely on paper-based systems anymore.

Time Tracker by eBillity


Time Tracker by eBillity is another employee time tracking tool. With it, your team could track and submit time from any device even when they’re offline. You can also schedule shifts for your employees and assigned clients or projects to those shifts. If your team works outside of the office, you could know who is on the clock in real-time with GPS tracking and easily map your employees’ time and location. It’s also possible to save even more time with it because it integrates with Zapier for further automation, a Chrome extension, Alexa, and more.

The QuickBooks Online app store provides thousands of integration options so you can connect it with programs you’re already using as part of your business operations. Once integrated, automating workflows becomes even faster.



Businesses sometimes need access to credit to keep themselves going or to fund growth. Fundbox offers business financing and when it is connected to your QuickBooks Online account, it makes it much easier to quickly apply and get a credit decision in minutes. Once approved, the funds transfer as soon as the next business day. It also makes it easy to draw funds when you need them and Pay early directly from QuickBooks.



Quotient is a tool used to create quotes for your customers. By integrating with QuickBooks Online, you can include your QuickBooks customers and products when creating quotes. With real-time lookup, it works seamlessly alongside quotients contacts in templates items. Once a customer accept your quote, the invoice is created automatically with all the details included eliminating extra work.  The system always includes a permanent link back to your quote for reference purposes.



While the PLANERGY integration can handle data entry for invoices and purchase orders, AutoEntry automates the entry of sales receipts, bank statements, sales invoices, and more. All you have to do is scan it or take a photo with the mobile app or even send your documents with email. Between these two apps, your entire company may be able to operate on a paperless basis. Once the platform has captured and entered your data there is a digital record of the image that attaches to the transaction in QuickBooks, so you no longer have to store paper copies but can quickly print one if necessary.

Human Interest


Human interest is a 401k Administration plan for small businesses and startups. Using its QuickBooks integration, all it takes to run your 401k is just a few clicks. It offers fully automated onboarding and the management of your employees’ 401k plan. It also includes all the compliance monitoring over the course of the year to keep your company in line with IRS requirements and syncs with your payroll so you can provide affordable benefits to your employees without a hassle.

With QuickBooks online, small business owners have access to all the things they need to handle employee scheduling and time-tracking, along with bookkeeping, invoicing, and more. Using the QuickBooks app with integrations simplifies business operations while making it easier to manage everything from mileage tracking to cash flow.

Whether you’re self-employed or part of a team, these are some of the best QuickBooks apps available, and they will create more efficient processes.

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