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Powerful Purchase Order Management and Invoice Authorization​

Control, track, and report on spend easily. Approve purchase orders with real-time budget visibility to make efficient decisions. Streamline approval workflows. Automate AP with OCR and AI technology. Receive notifications and communications directly in Slack.

How It Works


Connect PLANERGY To Your Slack account​​

Each user can decide how they prefer to receive notifications and communications from PLANERGY. With in-app, email, or Slack messages per notification type.


Powerful Purchase Order Management

Request, approve, and manage purchase orders efficiently in PLANERGY with updates and approval requests received directly in Slack.


Accounts Payable Invoice Matching Automation

Match invoices against the POs in PLANERGY to eliminate incorrect payments from fraud or manual error with full tracking of all records and relevant documents.


Authorized Invoices In Your Accounting Software

Post authorized invoices to your accounting software with all the relevant information. Data is imported ready to be processed for payment in your next payment run.

Why Use PLANERGY with Slack

Purchase Order Management with Powerful, Customizable Approval Workflows

Control, track, manage, and report on spend efficiently from anywhere. Automate the process and ensure compliant purchasing. With updates and approval options directly available in Slack.

Budget Management

Budget Control and Spend Management

Manage expenditure against your budgets ensuring no overspends and give your purchase approvers remaining budget information to make better decisions faster.

Automatically Enforce 2- or 3-Way Matching Compliance

Match invoices against purchase orders and delivery slips to ensure accurate, fast, and effective invoice processing.

Centralize Your Processes and Remove Paper or Excel Based Issues

Store all your data and documents in one powerful cloud based procurement app accessible from anywhere.

Track and Categorize Spend Easily

GL Code, projects, departments, user, supplier, and even optional custom fields give you all the information you need. Our powerful filterable, exportable, and customizable reports engine puts all the data at your fingertips at the push of a button.
Slack Nofitications From PLANERGY

Receive Updates In Slack To Keep You Up To Date

PLANERGY is a powerful cloud purchase management solution fully compatible with a large range of tools including Slack to better manage communications with your team.

Spend Management and AP Automation Software with Slack Communication

Fits into current workflows by seamlessly integrating with the software you use already